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Iran songs best to be a part of the persian music collection

Whenever you think about the music or Iran songs, an artistic and glorious history tells us about that although the Iran has faced a number of problems like wars and  the hot airs of the desert but still it maintains its position to become the land of artistic people. There is a lot of air which came into the existence in the Persian years of Iran. At this time the Iranian peoples have produced a  great literary work or heritage and a number of architectural beauties around the world. It does not only thrive the Persia but covers the whole world in its influence. Iran songs give a soothing effect to its listeners.

The last trace of the ancient and the valuable Persian documents of all the periods tells us that in Sassanian Period ( A.D. 226-651), the Persian music or Iran songs get an extraordinary and a lively impact on the Persian life. Many of them , has left us with the ample evidence which are pointing towards the existence of a lively musical life in Persia.

In this period the music of Iran or Iran songs has got the new traditions ways and the new dawned under the rule  or under the age of the Safavid dynasty (1499-1746). And in the starting or at the beginning of the third decade of the 20th century the music of Iran and Iran songs have become the steadily downgraded to a mere decorative and the interpretive art. During this period neither there is any creative growth, nor the scholarly research found a big space to flourish. But with the blessings of the musical god in the early age of 20's, the music of Iran has started to find the broad and large dimensions and get the way to becoming the known tradition and also with the interest to diagnose out the structural elements. And in result the new and the shining Iran songs were emerging out as the clear and fine sun of the desert.

The traditional Persian music of Iran is like all the art of a spiritual nature, arises out from the Silence. Its peace and the calm manifest the eternal Truth in the framework of the sounds belonging to the wonderful world of the forms and the appearances, although that Truth itself transcends out every kind of form, determination and the particularization. The quiet and serenity of the Iran songs is the seal of the world of the Spirit that is impressed upon the countenance of the world of form. Iran songs can be easily add up to anyone playlist.

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